Atheist scientist speaks out against DEI

Atheist scientist says what we’ve all been thinking about DEI…


atheist scientists speaks against DEI

Lawrence Krauss is a well-known scientist and writer who doesn’t believe in God. He has written articles criticizing religious faith. Recently, he wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal where he questions the need for collecting certain information about students studying science. He believes that the government’s collection of demographic data, such as gender and race, among science students is unnecessary. Krauss acknowledges that this data was helpful in the past to address barriers faced by women and minorities in academia.


However, he argues that these barriers have mostly disappeared, and yet quotas and preferential treatment based on demographics still exist. Krauss also raises concerns about privacy, stating that a person’s sexual orientation has no impact on their abilities as a scientist. He questions the National Science Foundation’s emphasis on sexual identity and wonders what purpose it serves. Krauss argues that the focus on sexual minorities may lead to quotas, but he questions how one can determine the “correct” proportion of LGBTQ+ scientists when they are a small minority.


He also suggests that if the NSF is going to ask about sexual orientation, they should ask about other personal matters like religion and politics as well. Krauss believes that such inquiries would also yield skewed results. Some people, like Dr. Albert Mohler, believe that the collected data will be used to enforce quotas. Krauss points out that there are other minority groups among scientists, such as atheists and Jews, and wonders how DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) officers would address those imbalances.

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