Atheists for Liberty is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the fundamental freedoms that support the human quest for knowledge and the separation of religion & government.

Our Mission:
Atheists for Liberty will safeguard the future of America’s largest growing demographic, through educational programs, advocacy resources, and mobilizing communities of grassroots activists and thinkers.

Our Vision:
An America where the nonreligious are common, embraced, and celebrated universally. 


What are our Pillars?

Normalize Atheism – As one of the largest growing demographics in the nation, we seek to raise awareness about atheism by providing educational resources. We defend atheists through our advocacy and provide communities for liberty-minded individuals.

Preserve Free Thinking – The Enlightenment values that modern nations are founded upon foster free speech and free thought as fundamental building blocks for civilized society. The ability to exchange and critique ideas without retribution or unreasonable social repercussion needs to be defended and preserved.

Safeguard Secularism – The separation of church and state has been ingrained in our Constitution. Religious freedom in a secular country prohibits the government from endorsing, progressing, or promoting religion.

Advance Individual Liberty – Americans should not have to live with oppressive restrictions on their free choice and way of life. When tyranny is advanced in the name of divinity or social justice, we need to uphold the values instilled by our Founding Fathers that empower us to question the validity of theocracy or the dominant culture.