Month: July 2022

Waking Up

  A familiar panic set in as hateful public and private messages poured into my social media account. These were messages from the secular community demanding that I remove posts or calling me a bigot. Why was I receiving emotionally charged personal attacks and demands I remove my social media posts? I had committed the […]

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Atheists Against Authoritarians

NEW YORK, NY — We at Atheists for Liberty, a non-profit non-partisan organization, are proud to announce our sponsorship of FreedomFest 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. While at FreedomFest, Atheists for Liberty will be hosting a Heathens Happy Hour, breakout session, and a moderated debate titled: Is Atheism Dead? FreedomFest is a convention where liberty-minded […]

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Vaccine Mandate Equality Project – Victory

Employer Backs out of Vaccine Religious Discrimination  NEW YORK, NY —  We at  Atheists for Liberty, a non-profit non-partisan organization, are happy to declare victory on the Vaccine Mandate Equality project.  This project began during the Covid-19 pandemic and continued after various states began to impose vaccine mandates on their citizens. Many Americans, both religious […]

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