Atheists for Liberty is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the fundamental freedoms that support the human quest for knowledge and the separation of religion & government.

Normalize Atheism With atheism being one of the fastest growing demographics in the country, we provide educational resources, advocate on behalf of atheists, and offer communities for liberty-minded people.

Preserve Free Thinking In order to build a civilized society, free speech and free thought are fundamental building blocks derived from the Enlightenment values that form the foundation of modern nations. It is essential to defend and preserve the right to exchange and critique ideas without retribution or unreasonable social consequences.

Safeguard Secularism Historically, the separation of church and state has been a pillar of our Constitution. In a secular nation, religious freedom forbids the government from endorsing, promoting, or advancing religion.

Advance Individual Liberty A citizen's freedom and way of life should not be oppressed by oppressive restrictions. It is imperative that we uphold the values instilled by our Founding Fathers that enable us to question the legitimacy of theocracy and dominant culture when tyranny is advanced in the name of divinity or social justice.

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Atheists for Liberty is not a political party or candidate endorser. The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so we are not allowed to endorse or oppose any political candidate. As such, we must remain neutral on most political issues. Atheists for Liberty promotes atheism, individual freedom, rationality, and open discourse in order to promote a tolerant, rational, and equitable society.

Nope! While we are an American organization that caters to the growing atheist American movement, anyone can become a member as we are open to all individuals who share its values and principles, regardless of where they reside. You can sign up here!

If you wish to get involved, please fill out this form. Someone from the organization will contact you after you have submitted the form.

Some individuals, like the phoenix, are willing to continue the fight against religious dogmatism, the suppression of free expression, and the excessive use of identity politics instead of relying on evidence, logic, and reason. A phoenix rising from the ashes of an old community.

The organization is non-religious and welcomes agnostics, atheists, and others who value freedom, rationality, and dialogue.

Please make checks payable to "Atheists for Liberty" and mail them to the following address:

Atheists for Liberty

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New York City, NY 10001

Atheists for Liberty is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you require a receipt for tax purposes, please contact [email protected].




Atheists for Liberty does not currently have an atheists in need program, however, we highly recommend those seeking help to reach out to Free Hearts Free Minds and fill out the following form.