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The Conservative Youth Movement Is Still Going Strong—Except at the Polls

The Conservative Youth Movement Is Still Going Strong …Except at the Polls Atheists for Liberty President, Thomas Sheedy, was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair. In the article, Sheedy talks about the state of conservative politics amidst an increasingly secular Gen-z population, saying, “the party’s failure to reach across all age groups has a lot to […]

SUNY Albany Free Speech Event with atheist Members Present Disrupted by The Woke Religion

NEW YORK, NY — Atheists for Liberty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is deeply concerned by the recent events at the University at Albany, which led to the harassment of students, destruction of campus property, and infringement on the fundamental right to free speech. On April 4th, the Turning Point USA Chapter in conjunction with the […]

Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness: Two Sides of the Same 19th Century Coin

Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses often get lumped together simply because they are both “those people who come to your door talking about God”. And although they do both lean heavily on proselytization efforts, they are still two distinct religious movements.  They share some similarities,and they also have significant differences in their beliefs, practices, and history. […]

Navigating the Landscape of Skepticism, Cognitive Dissonance, and Confirmation Bias

In an age characterized by an influx of information from various sources, the human mind often finds itself grappling with a trio of psychological phenomena that profoundly influence the way we perceive and process information. Skepticism, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias are all integral aspects of human psychology that shape our beliefs, decisions, and interactions […]

A Libertarian Jesus?

By Jan Golan Though prevalent amongst libertarians, the phrase “taxation is theft” is slightly imprecise, as governmental confiscation of our assets is best described by the word extortion. The threat of the state, sending their mercenaries to make one pay the “price for civilization”, even if they may kill one in the process, is ever […]

Groypers: An Atheist Survival Guide

Groypers: An Atheist Survival Guide What are Groypers? First of all, Groypers are a group of extreme activists who are known for their use of online trolling and harassment. In 2023 their leader Nick Fuentes remarked that he wants the 21st Century to become the most Christian Century in human history. Groypers are named after […]

Cancel Culture and Atheism: Survival Guide (Part II)

Cancel Culture and Atheism: Survival Guide (Part II)   10 Tips for navigating cancel culture and atheism: 1. Understand the different types of cancel culture: It’s important to differentiate between justified and unjustified cancellations, as well as understand the nuances of call-out culture, boycotts, and online shaming. 2. Choose your battles wisely: Not every disagreement […]

Survival Guide: Cancel Culture and Atheism (Part I)

Survival Guide: Cancel Culture and Atheism (Part I) Tips for Navigating the Minefield   In today’s world, cancel culture is becoming more prevalent than ever before. People are being “canceled” left and right for various reasons, and it can be challenging to navigate the minefield that is cancel culture and atheism. As an atheist, you […]