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The Conservative Youth Movement Is Still Going Strong—Except at the Polls

The Conservative Youth Movement Is Still Going Strong …Except at the Polls Atheists for Liberty President, Thomas Sheedy, was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair. In the article, Sheedy talks about the state of conservative politics amidst an increasingly secular Gen-z population, saying, “the party’s failure to reach across all age groups has a lot to […]

SUNY Albany Free Speech Event with atheist Members Present Disrupted by The Woke Religion

NEW YORK, NY — Atheists for Liberty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is deeply concerned by the recent events at the University at Albany, which led to the harassment of students, destruction of campus property, and infringement on the fundamental right to free speech. On April 4th, the Turning Point USA Chapter in conjunction with the […]

Secular Alternatives to the 10 Commandments: A Response to Louisiana’s Law Requiring the 10 Commandments in All Classrooms

Today, the governor of Louisiana signed a law requiring classrooms in the state to display the Ten Commandments. According to the Republican governor, Jeff Landry, “If you want to respect the rule of law, you gotta start from the original law given which was Moses. … He got his commandments from God.” Apparently, Governor Landry […]

The True Impact of Cancel Culture: Don’t Underestimate the Chilling Effect on Speech

Cancel culture is far from the greatest threat to liberty today. We live in a time when the “possibility of Armageddon” is the highest it’s ever been since the Cuban missile crisis. However, the actual harms from cancel culture shouldn’t be underestimated. For example, cancel culture results in a chilling effect across the culture that […]

God the Omniwriter? – The Biblical Argument for God That Does Not Materialize

There’s a modern Christian custom to include a reference to a Bible verse in Twitter bios, Instagram descriptions, and even Tinder profiles. Whenever I encounter this, for whatever reason, I feel compelled to check the actual passage. I open an online Bible and enter the numerical code into the search engine. I want to know: […]

From Seminary to Atheism: A Whirlwind Journey Out of Orthodox Judaism

“I was steeped in contradiction. Never before had I felt the suffocation that I was living someone else’s life, that I was living by someone else’s values.” Growing up, I attended Chabad Sunday school, celebrated the major holidays, and was part of Jewish Teen groups. Despite my orthodox education, I was raised in a reformed […]

Richard Dawkins Says He’s a Cultural Christian: This Isn’t News

On March 31 this year, Richard Dawkins appeared in an interview with Rachel Johnson on LBC, where he made headlines after identifying himself as a cultural Christian. After stating he was “slightly horrified” to hear about when Oxford Street in London began promoting Ramadan instead of Easter, he explained his belief that England is a […]

Ron Lindsay on Wokeism as a Religion

I recently interviewed philosopher Ron Lindsay about his new book, Against the New Politics of Identity. During the interview, I asked Ron about the claim that the new leftist idiology, or wokeism, is a religion. His response, lightly edited for clarity, is below: Ron Lindsay: I’m a little reluctant to embrace that because, just for […]