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The Conservative Youth Movement Is Still Going Strong—Except at the Polls

The Conservative Youth Movement Is Still Going Strong …Except at the Polls Atheists for Liberty President, Thomas Sheedy, was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair. In the article, Sheedy talks about the state of conservative politics amidst an increasingly secular Gen-z population, saying, “the party’s failure to reach across all age groups has a lot to […]

SUNY Albany Free Speech Event with atheist Members Present Disrupted by The Woke Religion

NEW YORK, NY — Atheists for Liberty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is deeply concerned by the recent events at the University at Albany, which led to the harassment of students, destruction of campus property, and infringement on the fundamental right to free speech. On April 4th, the Turning Point USA Chapter in conjunction with the […]

Richard Dawkins Says He’s a Cultural Christian: This Isn’t News

On March 31 this year, Richard Dawkins appeared in an interview with Rachel Johnson on LBC, where he made headlines after identifying himself as a cultural Christian. After stating he was “slightly horrified” to hear about when Oxford Street in London began promoting Ramadan instead of Easter, he explained his belief that England is a […]

Ron Lindsay on Wokeism as a Religion

I recently interviewed philosopher Ron Lindsay about his new book, Against the New Politics of Identity. During the interview, I asked Ron about the claim that the new leftist idiology, or wokeism, is a religion. His response, lightly edited for clarity, is below: Ron Lindsay: I’m a little reluctant to embrace that because, just for […]

Logical Atheism: Neither Materialism nor Spiritualism

I’ve been an atheist for over 50 years. It took one lecture to convince me. I don’t just disbelieve in the existence of the supernatural. I believe in the nonexistence of the supernatural. The natural universe is it. How do I know? (That’s always the appropriate question but with the caveat below). The wrong answer […]

Adam the Ape – Book Review

If you want primate power and thought-provoking storytelling, Adam the Ape is your best bet. You’ll wonder who the real animals are after reading Wolfgang Wambach’s children’s book, which is filled with compelling characters, ethical dilemmas, and a bond between a boy and a chimp. In Adam the Ape, Wolfgang Wambach explores themes of animal […]

Free Markets vs. Special-Interest-Pandering Politicians

Trump promises to slam a 100-percent tariff on imported cars made in Chinese-owned factories in Mexico. He announced this not to a group of prospective car buyers but to a group of car makers. So what else is new? Car buyers, who outnumber the well-organized car makers but are not themselves organized, would have to pay more […]

Jesus Was a Psy-Op: A Book Review of ‘Creating Christ’

The origins of Christianity are shrouded in time, hidden and obscured. However, through decades of painstaking research and careful study, researchers are able to uncover illuminating details. The 2018 book Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity, by James S. Valliant and Warren Fahy, argues that Christianity was not a natural, organic development from the […]