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Book Review: The War on the West by Douglas Murray

The War on the West by Douglas Murray. This is, as far as I know, the eighth book by the author. If you’re familiar with Murray, then you’d know he’s been the subject of a lot of controversy, focusing on topics such as Islam, immigration, transgender ideology, and, most recently, his support of Ukraine. I […]

With Richard Dawkins in the Galapagos Islands, Part Six: Day Three, Fernandina

           On Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, we visited Fernandina, one of the youngest of the islands. We walked on the smooth and roping Pahoehoe lava, which emerges from the volcano as a liquid or close to it, en route inland to see the sharper A’a lava, which emerges less liquidy and […]

With Richard Dawkins in the Galapagos Islands, Part Five: Videos and Lectures

Each morning and each afternoon, the naturalists on our ship ferried us on pangas to explore the islands. Being at the equator, it was too hot and bright to be outside at noon. We would eat lunch, have some free time, and enjoy a presentation. On this day, Richard Dawkins presented reactions he had received […]

With Richard Dawkins in the Galapagos Islands: Part Four – Day Two, Española

The next morning we were up at 6 a.m. to see Española (Hood) Island at Punta Suarez. The guide for our group was Grace. Animals spotted: Sea lions, blue-footed boobies, red-headed (lava) lizards, mockingbirds, pink iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs, albatrosses, gulls, Nazca boobies, heron, Galápagos doves in the rocks on the path, and finches – […]

With Richard Dawkins in the Galapagos Islands, Part Three: Day Two – Floreana

Before lunch that same day we enjoyed a lecture by Richard Dawkins, “Responses to The God Delusion,” then one after lunch by Eddie Tabash, “The Present Threat of the Religious Right to Our Modern Freedoms.” (I will summarize these in another post.) Then we landed at Punta Cormorant on the island of Floreana. The island had […]

The New Creationism?

Many of us fought against Intelligent Design in the early 2000s, and for evolution to be taught in our nation’s science classes without mystical inclusions, fake “controversies” or impeaching strawmen. That battle was won, and in the wake of our triumph I speculated on how the next specter of creationism would rear its head. It […]