Martin Scorsese Announces New Jesus Film

Martin Scorsese Announces New Jesus Film

News Highlights for the Week of January 8, 2024

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Martin Scorsese Starts Work on a New Film about Jesus

This week, Martin Scorsese announced his latest film project: an adaption of A Life of Jesus by Shūsaku Endō. The film will be set in the modern world and will focus on Jesus’s teachings. The intent of the film, according to the director, is to dispel negative associations with organized religion.

Ben Shapiro Debates Alex O’Connor on Atheism and Society

YouTuber Alex O’Connor debated Ben Shapiro in December on a wide range of topics related to atheism and society. This week, O’Connor released a highlight video where Ben challenges atheists’ ethics. Shapiro also released a clip this week on the topic, If There Is No God, Is There Free Will? Watch the full debate on the YouTube channel Premier Unbelievable: Is Religion Good for Society? Ben Shapiro vs. Alex O’Connor

School Lifts Ban on Teachers Wearing Religious Garb

In 1949, Pennsylvania passed a law prohibiting public school teachers from wearing any clothes or symbols associated with religion. Senate Bill 84, which repealed the law, is expected to go into effect this month.

San Francisco Presents: The Worst Religion Ever

At a San Francisco board meeting this week, cheers erupted over a vote calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. James Lindsay, a member of the AFL Board of Advisors, referred to this as the “Worst religion in the country.” Check out the video to see what he means. If there was ever any doubt about there being a new woke religion, San Francisco just put that doubt to rest.