Atheists for Liberty Statement on the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, unlawful agitators broke through police barriers at the US Capitol. After Congress members and the Vice President evacuated, there was an occupation of the premises. Since the writing of this statement, four people have died, and many others were wounded. 

Atheists for Liberty condemns rioting, looting, and treasonous behavior displayed by these radicals. Anger, violence, obstruction of political processes, and property destruction are not the way forward. 

To be clear: these selfish rioters do not represent the vast majority of Conservatives, Libertarians, and the millions of other Americans who are apolitical, or are otherwise unaffiliated with the political Left.

Prominent right-leaning pundits and organizations quickly denounced the unlawful actions of January 6th, and many liberals have acknowledged that, and stood with their conservative counterparts, united in condemning these disgusting acts. These bipartisan champions of liberty are what make up Atheists for Liberty’s growing membership.

But just like the advocates of intersectionality who seek to destroy our culture, some of these rioters have eerily similar objectives: they would rather have an authoritarian state instead of a secular, constitutional republic. Specifically, a fringe group of Christian theocrats were among them, known for being consistently banned from mainstream Conservative events.

This was selfish, and counterproductive behavior.

Remember, principles matter and rule of law matters. And we will continue to promote individual liberty, a free exchange of ideas, and stand for the Constitution by supporting religious freedom and a secular government in America.

We will never halt our efforts to unite various ideological groups who share a love of country into a revitalizing atheist movement.