Atheists for Liberty Announcement: Cherry Teresa to Join as New Vice President

Atheists for Liberty is proud to announce that Cherry Teresa will be serving as the organization’s new Vice President. Cherry has long been a powerful advocate for the secular values of the atheist community. Her voice will be a valuable asset in helping Atheists for Liberty accomplish our goals of defending liberty and promoting the separation of religion and government.

Atheists for Liberty would like to thank Matthew Hebb as he steps down from his former role. We extend our gratitude for his years of service to the organization, first as our Operations Director and then as Vice President. Although Matthew will be greatly missed in the organization, he remains a cherished friend and a strong ally.

“Matthew Hebb has been a dedicated activist and political operative for many years. Throughout the past three years that I’ve known him Matthew has evolved from being a small advisor to a great cherished friend. He has stood with me in thick and thin despite rapid cultural changes and a range of political upheaval in our lives. To say that Matthew will continue to be a great friend and internal partner to the organization is an understatement. Cherry Teresa has been a skeptic movement veteran since its height, not only does she know what makes Atheists for Liberty work but she is beloved throughout the culture wars and has a humanistic heart that is seen by allies around the nation. I could not be more thrilled to have her join us as our new Vice President.”
Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty


“I am pleased with all of the progress AFL has made during my tenure as Vice President. We have grown in our operational organization and matured as a brand, and I remain committed to AFL’s mission and purpose. I look forward to continuing to assist Atheists for Liberty as they move forward. I am delighted that Cherry Teresa will be stepping into this role, I cannot think of someone more qualified and dedicated to take on this challenge. I am excited to see what is next for AFL.”
Matthew Hebb, Outgoing Vice President, Atheists for Liberty


“I’m very excited to serve as Vice President for Atheists for Liberty. The work that President Thomas Sheedy and the rest of the team at AFL have accomplished has been inspirational. AFL has reignited my passion for normalizing atheism, preserving free thinking, safeguarding secularism, and advancing individual liberty. The mission of Atheists for Liberty is especially important now, as we face challenges of authoritarianism, dogma, and groupthink from the extremes of both the left and the right. I look forward to continue working with the AFL team in this new role and serving our members. I’m thankful for the wonderful work our previous VP Matthew Hebb has accomplished. He’s laid a great foundation for me to help with the mission of Atheists for Liberty.”
Cherry Teresa, Incoming Vice President, Atheists for Liberty

Atheists for Liberty will continue to fight for the separation of church and state for all Americans.