Is the Rise of the Religious ‘Nones’ Over?

Is the Rise of the Religious ‘Nones’ Over?

Top News Stories for the Week of January 21, 2024

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The Dramatic Rise of the “Nones” Falters

A new study from Pew finds that the so-called “nones” (those who profess no religion) are now the largest cohort in the U.S. Catholics comprise 23% of Americans, Protestants make up 24%, and the all-mighty nones clock in at 28%. This figure was only at 16% in 2007. However, Pew notes that the percentage of nones is “marginally lower” than in surveys from 2022 and 2021. Is the rise of the nones over? Likely not, but the steady rise appears to be faltering.

Death Row Inmate Consoled by an Atheist Chaplain

Convicted killer Phillip Hancock was executed this week in Oklahoma. The New York Times highlighted how the chaplain ministering the doomed inmate was an atheist. “Together,” the Times wrote, “they wrestled with one question: How to face death without God.”

Pastor Faces Fraud Charge for Sells Junk Crypto to Christian Communities

A pastor in Denver has been charged with fraud for allegedly selling a “practically worthless” cryptocurrency. His defense? The Lord told him to do it!

Dawkins on Ali

Richard Dawkins has a new article out in The Spectator which discusses the recent conversion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Christianity.