Bill Maher Challenged to Read ‘A Case for Christ’

Bill Maher Challenged to Read ‘A Case for Christ’

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Bill Maher Challenged to Read ‘A Case for Christ’

On Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast, comedian Chris Distefano argued with Maher about the existence of Jesus. Several Christian outlets, such as and, wrote positive reviews of the exchange and highlighted the moment where Distefano challenged Maher to read Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Christ. To his credit, Maher showed an open mind and said he would read the book. If you were in Maher’s position, what’s the one book you would recommend to Distefano as a rebuttal to his Christianity?

Facts About Atheists from Pew Research

The Pew Research Center just released 8 facts about atheists. A few highlights from the article: Atheists only make up 4% of US adults. Most US atheist are relatively young men. Both atheists and religious people find meaning in similar ways, such as through hobbies, creative pursuits, travel, and leisure activities. Most Americans say that you can be a good person even if you don’t believe in God.

Atheists in Africa Highlighted in TV Show

The Freedom From Religion Foundation released a Sunday television show about atheists in Africa.

New Documentary About Christian Nationalism Reviewed reviewed a new documentary called “God & Country” that presents Christian Nationalism as America’s greatest threat.