American Atheists Announces Acquisition of OnlySky Media

Recently, the blog network OnlySky announced a merger with American Atheists.

The CEO of OnlySky said that American Atheists is “one of the most effective voices for atheists, agnostics, and the nonreligious in the nation.”

However, in recent years, American Atheists has descended into a clone of a far-left Twitter account clearly not appealing to a big-tent audience American Atheists used to represent.

American Atheists claims to fight to improve public policy for all Americans and work across the political spectrum, but they haven’t lived up to their mission.

In 2022, American Atheists’ board member (now former board member) Mandisa Thomas presented an anti-intellectual speech claiming non-believers may be ‘upholding white supremacy’ if they appeal to academic scholarship or fail to give money to ‘BIPOC organizations.’ Such a speech signifies American Atheists’ far-left focus and American Atheists defending this content following criticism further shows their departure.

The speech from Mandisa Thomas is just one of many examples of American Atheists’ mission drift.

American Atheists also seems to have little to no representation from libertarians, conservatives, or people even questioning the far-left narratives American Atheists promotes.

American Atheists’ conference speakers and representatives often share woke content and, when challenged, engage in invective and make false claims about critics.

I have no doubt that American Atheists’ merger with OnlySky will continue a pattern of wokeness.

More people are walking away from legacy atheist organizations like American Atheists and joining Atheists for Liberty.

– Justin Vacula, Outreach Manager, AFL

American Atheists Announces Acquisition of OnlySky Media