Free Speech

Free speech is indisputably crucial to the free exchange of ideas that encourages society to flourish. Limits on speech, including speech considered hateful or ‘triggering,’ actively erodes a free citizenry. Americans are fearful of being ‘cancelled’ when they express their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Our freedoms cannot fall victim to the politically correct culture promoted within intersectionality, social justice, and wokeness. For many years, the atheist community firmly defended free speech and free thought until an infiltration of institutions and online media stifled what was once a prosperous, reactionary movement. Depending on the intersectional politics of the day, even some of the most egregious religious beliefs are defended by ‘woke’ wolves in sheep’s clothing. Atheists for Liberty is committed to crafting and expanding a new community, free of the vices and political polarization that plagued our predecessors. We speak on behalf of the majority of atheists who have been alienated and rejected for failing to comply to the demands of a hostile social justice minority led by their new religion of wokeness.