The Constitution

America was designed to not only help the individual thrive, but protect the individual from government; not the other way around.
Without liberty, America wouldn’t exist.

Our founders not only gave us this revolutionary republican government structure, they spelled out the rules for us. Deceptively succinct, our Constitution has withstood the test of time despite a never-ending series of attempts to chip away at its foundations albeit with the best of intentions.

The Constitution is not only a “how to” manual for our government, The Bill of rights also outlines ten important rights guaranteed to all individuals. Interestingly, some of our Founders did not think the Bill of Rights was necessary because they believed that these were obvious and therefore did not need to be spelled-out. However, human nature being what it is, they ultimately agreed to put them in just in case there was any confusion on the issue. It turns out, once again, they were right.