Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental rights guaranteed to each and every individual. We believe Americans should have the freedom to live without governmental and societal restrictions that obstruct the essential rights needed to safeguard civilization.

In our current environment, adversaries to the Constitution thrive on the increasing polarization that pits individuals against each other through religion, race, creed, color, and politics. ‘Cancel culture,’ religious indoctrination, and politically correct censorship are new mechanisms used to infringe liberty.

When liberty is breached it becomes reminiscent of the same tyranny our Founding Fathers sought to prevent. Our community of free thinkers is devoted to questioning religious theocrats and the woke authority that attempts to impose limitations on individuals who refuse to sacrifice liberty for agendas.

Atheists are frequently asked what they believe in, as some fear that an absence of religion would equate to a lack of morality and community. In an ever-changing nation with philosophical and political inquiries about how Americans see reality, we are Atheists for LIBERTY.