In Defense of Liberalism

Liberalism (as distinct from Progressivism, and rooted in “liberty”) is an ideology allowing for the tolerance of people different than yourself. For years many Intellectuals, thinkers, and rational activists in the modern world identified as liberals. 

In 2011 at an Atheist Ireland Conference. Feminist Rebecca Watson declined a consensual request for sex in a conversation in an Elevator. She later went to social media claiming the encounter to be sexual harassment. Following that event the atheist movement started to see what would later be the “woke” “Social Justice” infiltration of the atheist community. False claims were made about rampant sexual harassment, racism, and sexism in the movement. With extremists claiming that we had to learn “how to see the harassment” from their point of view. The later introduction of “Atheism+” to the community and continued infighting broke the unity of New Atheism. Turning the atheist movement into a “ghost” of its former self. In this “Culture War,” these same activists simultaneously defend Islamic terror and have bashed “Firebrand Atheism” under the guise that it’s too hostile while simultaneously being hostile to ideas that were critical of their ideology. 

“There is, I would say, a cancer on progressivism with some of the I guess they call themselves social justice warriors. I don’t think they’re interested in justice. I don’t think they’re interested in truth. I think they’re interested in clicks. I think they’re interested in things that make me people click and when I read them, it makes me glad I didn’t have kids who would see this. ”

– Bill Maher, 2019


The extreme feminism, Social Justice activism, and unprofessionalism that began on college campuses and permeated the atheist movement later began to infiltrate other movements and communities. From Video Games to Gay Rights, Halloween Costumes and Award Shows, Movies, Marketing, and now – the Halls of Congress. This leftist agenda is hidden under the false mask of “liberalism” and has forced many sane and rational liberals to forge an alliance of Reason with Libertarians and Conservatives in the Intellectual Dark Web. 


Suppressing Free Speech and the very liberties that allow the tolerance of others is not “tolerance,” and the very virus that tarnished liberalism and New Atheism is now multiplying: attacking every industry as well as the foundations of our country. 


Atheists for Liberty welcomes those disaffected liberals and New Atheists. Where we’re fighting back against the authoritarian culture of Social Justice.