A Secular Conservatism


We envision a Conservative movement that fights for all Americans, including atheists.

In recent decades a more religious right held a grip over the conservative movement. Both young and old in that movement have been told that in order to be a Conservative you need to have faith, to believe in an all powerful all knowing creator of the universe.

The truth, however, is that Conservatism can flourish and survive without this narrative. Pew Research shows that among many categories of atheistic Americans are Conservative. More atheists, however, remain, on the left, because they believe the Conservative Movement is not accepting of non-religious members. Furthermore, many Conservative and Libertarian atheists have left the remnants of the former New Atheist movement because of the continued far left toxicity and the increased presence of Social Justice Warriors perverting what was once a great, united movement.

Young Conservatives and Libertarians care more about Capitalism, national defense, gun rights, and free speech. An abandonment of theocratic initiatives and talking points should be a priority for older Conservative organizers to save the Conservative movement and to welcome in those walking away from the far left.


“I know the Conservative movement is broad and there are those that may choose to be nonreligious and that’s fine and the Conservative movement is broad enough for them whether you’re religious or nonreligious. Religious freedom is the freedom upon which all other freedoms hinge and the future of our country is only as bright as our religious freedom is. And we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect that freedom. And it requires government protection. But it requires personal effort and action.”

– Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, CPAC 2015


“The presumption of religious belief — not to mention the contradictory thinking that so often accompanies it — does damage to conservatism by resting its claims on revealed truth. But on such truth there can be no agreement without faith.”

– Heather MacDonald, Manhattan Institute Fellow, Author, 2006


 “…the impression given to me by [Free Inquiry] magazine most of the time is that you should be a liberal Democrat. I think that is a foolish and dangerous thing to be doing. There are a lot of people who are not Democrats and not Liberals who perfectly understand the separation of church and state. There are a lot of right wing atheists.”

– Christopher Hitchens 2007 FFRF National Convention


“How do you think the messaging could be about making room for secular Conservatives, secular Republicans? Someone like Heather MacDonald who’ve I’ve had on the show. She’s “areligious.” I think she’s an atheist.”

– Dave Rubin to Charlie Kirk on The Rubin Report August 2019 


Atheists for Liberty seeks to promote the acceptance of atheists within Conservatism, so the Conservative movement can continue to flourish and fight in an ever growing world of far left intolerance and Islamization.