Each month we select the most important stories & events impacting atheism & liberty


“After a coronavirus-filled, locked-down year, Atheists for Liberty exhibited at its second in-person engagement: the 2020 Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. Despite regressive criticism from the far left and authoritarian “groypers” harassing us from the far right, normal patriotic activists were happy to see us there, talk with us, and engage with us at this amazing, and well-run event. – Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

NASDAQ Demands that Companies Judge People by Their Skin Color

“The second largest stock exchange in the world has gone woke, proposing a corporate governance rule that would require listed companies to appoint directors based on sex, race, ethnicity, and/or sexual preference. – Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

NEPA Forethought Society Wins Landmark Lawsuit Over ‘Atheists’ Bus Ads

“I’m excited to announce that this issue dating back to 2012 has finally concluded. Atheists can now properly advertise being atheists on public transit. Hopefully this will allow groups across the United States to effectively advertise their existence.” – Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

Let There Be Vaccines!

“They said it couldn’t be done, and yet, once again, Trump managed to do just that. Not one, but two vaccines are now available, each utilizing different biological techniques to try and help quickly create herd immunity in hundreds of millions of people. These novel vaxes were developed in record time, thanks to “Operation Warp Speed”, the bold partnership between government and the pharma industry. Time will tell if this is indeed the beginning of the end of the COVID hysteria… or another 1976 fiasco where we all turn into lizard people. And the implications for liberty here are huge. “Will CV19 jabs become mandatory?” “Is it Constitutional for private businesses to require immunity in exchange for service?” “What degree of ‘tracking’ is acceptable from a civil liberties standpoint?” Wherever you stand on COVID, vaccines, or Trump, this has enormous consequences for free individuals moving forward.” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

The 2020 Election

Well, that happened. The 2020 election was the biggest, longest and sloppiest election in US history. Not only were the polls wrong again (really, really wrong) the GOP experienced a sizable “Red Wave” in Statehouses across the country, and in the US House of Representatives; in fact, no GOP House member lost their seat, and they won all 27 “toss up” elections. The presidential tally, however, is still ongoing, with allegations of fraud and miscellaneous shenanigans. The implications for liberty are fairly obvious, with Biden already promising at least “100 Days of Masking” if/when he takes office. Trump has been fairly consistent in letting the States handle their COVID policy (the Constitutionally correct approach). Regardless of the official outcome, we can be assured that ~75 Million Americans are going to feel cheated.” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

SCOTUS Blocks New York’s COVID-19 Restrictions on Houses of Worship

“Turns out we can’t restrict religious institutions differently than secular ones. Which good news for us all. Even with supposed ‘evidence’ presented to the court showing that the “regulations treat houses of worship much more harshly than comparable secular facilities” this was a notable smack-down of tyrannical slapdash, and unconstitutional decrees. Of course, Cuomo brushed off the ruling, and quickly changed his rules.” Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

Cardi B Can’t Catch a Break

“Social justice warriors (and Hindus) continue to be offended, this time directing their complaints at popular rapper Cardi B. Cardi B was portrayed as a Hindu goddess in a shoe advertisement and later apologized even though she intended no offense. Still, allegations of disrespect and cultural appropriation continued. Later in the month, she was again attacked for being part of a Thanksgiving gathering during a pandemic. Even though Cardi B was lauded following her recent hit song and music video — ‘WAP’ — many of her fans and critics were unhappy.” – Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

Jeopardy’ Ken Jennings Under Fire For Old ‘Ableist’ Tweet

“We’ll take ‘How Wokism is Destroying Individual Liberty’ for 200, please, Ken.” – Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

James Randi, 1928-2020

James Randi has died, but let us not forget his tremendous contributions to science, reason, and skepticism. Randi exposed so-called faith healers, psychics, mediums, and people claiming to speak with the dead. The James Randi Educational Foundation hosted annual events including The Amazing Meeting which brought skeptics, atheists, philosophers, and scientists together.– Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

Yelp Goes Full Woke

“As if Yelp reviews weren’t toxic enough already, Yelp has decided to allow users to “report” listed businesses for alleged acts of racism, and other perceived slights against the church of modern progressive “justice”. Of course, Yelp claims to have all the best safeguards in place to guard against abuse, but when you’re *really* upset about your local deli putting mustard on your sandwich when you specifically and repeatedly told them to not put mustard on your sandwich… well, what could possibly go wrong?” Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

The Dictionary Changes ‘Sexual Preference’

“When you control the language, you control the narrative. And while this woke-ifying of our dictionary has happened before, ala the slow roll redefining of “gender” several years ago, this one was by far the most brazen. In fact, they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. They are not only blatantly betraying a sacred and long-held societal trust, they are doing it publicly, and proudly. Because reasons.” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

Renewed Islamic Attacks in France

“And once again in the post 9/11 world the people of Europe suffer consequences and death due to radical Islamic terror. Something that will sadly continue to happen as more of the continent embraces political correctness both politically and culturally.” – Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

The Oscars Go Woke

“Well, the woke virus has finally officially affected the only award that matters, really: the Oscars. How filmmakers are going to handle this will be interesting. But perhaps what’s more interesting (and troubling) is the lack of outcry from Hollywood itself. The people who make the movies know this is untenable, and yet they aren’t really speaking up. And that’s a shame.” – Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

Armin Navabi Faces Backlash From Hindus Following Calling Goddess Kali ‘Sexy’

“Navabi — an ex-Muslim from the group Atheist Republic — authored an innocuous tweet which soon went viral following a bollywood actress, Hindu government members, and journalists authoring tweets and stories. One critic, Tarek Fatah, taking a play from the book of social justice warriors, called Navabi a racist bigot. This chain of events continues to show parallels between religious believers and social justice warriors who liberally take offense and treat others poorly. Freedom of expression should be upheld and acted upon rather than caving to bullying from an online mob.” Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

President Trump Bans Critical Race Theory Within the Federal Government

“President Donald Trump made a historic move in early September by banning “diversity training” and the racist teachings of ‘critical race theory’ later in the month within federal agencies calling them ‘divisive’ and ‘anti American.’ These trainings enable the religion of wokeness, a religion once confined to our college campuses, to indoctrinate much needed personnel who maintain our federal agencies to judge people on innate characteristics which is an insult to the amazing progress our nation has made in ensuring equality of opportunity regardless of race or sex.” – Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

Trump Supporter Murdered by Antifa in Portland

“This assasination-style murder of a MAGA supporter by an Antifa supporter is a big deal, not only because it represents an escalation in the “protest wars” but also has important societal implications for the rest of us. One of America’s best attributes is the fundamental concept of rule of law, and equality under that law. It is an important ingredient for freedom and liberty, but it only works if we all agree to abide, together. We can only truly trust our system if it treats group X the same as group Q, no matter who they are, what they stand for, or how heroic or icky we think they are. That’s called principle, and without it we’ve got big problems.” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

“Cynical Theories” is released

“’Cynical Theories: How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity – And Why this Harms Everybody’ by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay was released. As stated by Peter Boghossian to AFL President Thomas Sheedy and Board Chairman Michael Trollan, it is “the equivalent to a masters education” on the ins and outs of intersectionality” – Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

Nancy Pelosi Makes Her Own Rules

“In a stunning (yet sadly unsurprising) display of hypocrisy and elitism during the extended LockDown Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi secretly enjoyed a private hair styling session in a shuttered San Francisco salon; while every other adult Californian is prohibited from enjoying the same freedom. Then, in a gesture of goodwill and empathy Speaker Pelosi publicly accused the salon of ‘setting her up’ and refused to apologize or even admit she was wrong. Fact check: TRUE” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

Thousands Rally in Pakistan in Support of Man who Shot American Dead in Court

“An American on trial for blasphemy was shot dead during a courtroom trial. Following the shooting, thousands of Islamists cheering in the streets celebrated the shooter.” – Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

Justice Department Finds Yale Discriminates by Race in Admissions

“In a positive development for the human right of not being discriminated against on the basis of race, the U.S. Department of Justice opened a two-year investigation into Yale’s admissions practices and found that Yale has been discriminating against both white and asian Americans. Yale student groups responded by demanding the right to discriminate, while Yale itself claimed to be following Supreme Court precedent.” – Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

The Harpers Letter

“This was a big huge gargantuan deal. An impressive bunch of very smart, firmly “left” people finally stood up against the left’s own cancel culture by signing this now-infamous open letter. Not unironically, the signers were all immediately targeted. A few bent the knee, but for the most part they’ve held fast, so good on them. Turns out that freedom of speech, free expression, individualism, agency, and all that jazz are still important, and shared American values. Yes, most of the signers are successful enough to ‘afford’ the cancel risk, but leading by example is important.” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech

“On Independence Day 2020, Trump delivered a speech in which he denounced cancel culture. Having a sitting U.S. president discussing the issue demonstrates just how widespread it is. It is no longer ‘just some crazy kids on campus’ it’s a widespread phenomenon which poses a serious threat to human rights and civil liberties. It is now mainstream.” Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

Bari Weiss Resigns from the New York Times With Fire

“In yet another bellweather example of the polarization of the political discourse, Bari Weiss resigned from the New York Times, stating, in part: ‘Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space.’ Her full resignation leader speaks for many in a culture that hasn’t been this focused on punishing wrongthink since McCarthyism.” Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

Washington Post & CNN Settle Covington Lawsuit

“Demonstrating just how far the objectivity and reliability of US news has deteriorated, Sandmann was vilified as a racist for standing and doing nothing when approached by activists. In the second of six defamation suits filed, major news organization Washington Post settled the suit for an undisclosed sum. His win may have lasting effects on the media landscape.” Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

CHAZ/CHOP Established

“The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or C.H.A.Z., was established in Seattle, Washington by Black Lives Matter and leftist neo Marxist activists in an effort to create a “state” of self governance free from police and governmental authority. Unironically, this zone merely created a different kind of governmental authority (mob rule) and contained borders, armed guards, and racially segregated areas. It was allowed to exist by local authorities for weeks, hosted multiple assaults, rapes and even deaths. After realizing how hilarious the name C.H.A.Z. to normal observers, they changed the name to C.H.O.P. (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) with equally comical results.” – Thomas Sheedy, President, Atheists for Liberty

Trump’s Church Walk

“The previous night Antifa torched historic St. John’s Church, on the edge of Lafayette Park, right across the street from the White House. In an obvious show of political force Trump used tear gas to begin clearing the park 20 minutes before curfew, then strode across the park, surrounded by security and media, walked up to the burned and boarded-up church and held up a bible for a photo op. This a very interesting moment from a church/state standpoint, a history standpoint, a brazen politics standpoint, and even a constitutional separation of powers standpoint. It was mesmerizing to witness.” – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty

Minneapolis Defunds the Police

“Local government officials in Minneapolis cave to demands of BLM to “defund the police”, and proceed to srtip their police force of millions of dollars of taxpayer funding, adding yet another blow to the claim that social justice isn’t a big deal or is confined to college campuses. Council members who advocated for police reform rather than defunding were jeered and booed by woke citizenry, and crime, vandalism and homelessness immediately spiked throughout the city.” – Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

California Moves to Legalize Discrimination

“In a concerted effort to end discrimination by race and gender, California’s Proposition 16 introduces a peculiar solution: legalize discrimination. What could go wrong?” – Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

The Death of George Floyd

“The spark that lit the fire. Right on narrative cue, a white police officer killed a black citizen by kneeling on his neck. The woke left was given the exact justification it needed to break out of lock down and take to the streets, protesting and rioting and burning. The Black Lives Matter slogan was renewed and spread not only in protests, but far across the corporate world as well.” – Michael Trollan, Board Chairman, Atheists for Liberty

Call for a National Day of Reason

“A wonderful response to the National Day of Prayer, the National Day of Reason is exactly what you think it is: instead of the government calling on its citizens to pray (something quite out of place and even discriminatory for atheists, not to mention out-of-step with the government being neutral on matters of religion), a National Day of Reason invites us to all embrace logic and freedom of thought, something that is applicable to all Americans.” – Justin Vacula, Public Relations Manager, Atheists for Liberty

The Great Wisconsin Un-LockDown

“This is a really interesting example of real-time checks and balances working in favor of liberty. At the onset of the pandemic the Wisconsin Governor (like most other Governors) assumed very broad ‘emergency powers’ to force a state-wide lockdown. But the State Supreme Court said, um, nope. You can’t do that: ‘It is especially in times of emergency that we must protect the rights of the people… lest we establish a dangerous precedent empowering less benevolent government officials in the future to oppress the people in the name of exigency.’ Sadly, they were were only State to push back against itself, but a ray of light for liberty, nonetheless. – Erich Hartmann, Board of Directors, Atheists for Liberty